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In your own case: What we do about spam accounts on Instagram
With the advent of the spam trend, our Instagram account has also recently fallen victim to spam followers. To maintain our integrity, we are now writing this article. We want to explain the truth to our loyal followers to show that we are an open book and have nothing to hide.

We, the social media team of capitalathletes, want to explain to you in this article what spam followers are. How do you work? How do you get them? And what are we doing to fight them?

Because spam is currently a trend for younger generations, it is difficult for us to distinguish which spam account is genuine and which is wrong. As part of our Instagram marketing, of course, we also try to interact with our potential target market-we like, follow and comment on foreign posts. However, this makes us more vulnerable and vulnerable to also falling victim to fake followers.

In fact, the number of false followers has been piling up with us lately, too. Once they have found and follow an account, you are trapped in a kind of chain. Bots become aware of one and follow other fake accounts on a daily basis.