Most people begin to work on their athletics during childhood. In addition to school and hobbies they train hard and they set impressive records. We accompany the 11 year old Milan in the Sports Literacy school, his great wish is a successful career as an athlete.

Our protagonists are in the starting blocks, the movie about this will soon be available here.

Milan is one of the Capital’s most promising young athletes and has just made it into an elite sports school, he is currently trained by his father Max. You can watch a preview of the interview here:

Matthias Rosner is director of the Berlin Poelchauschule which many prominent and successful athletes have attended. What sets an elite sports school apart from a normal school? You can watch a preview of his interview here:

  • Editorial: Alexandra Knull
  • Camera: Raphael Ehlert, Ragnar Sieradzinski
  • Tone: Raphael Ehlert
  • Editing: Raphael Ehlert
  • Photos: Marah Hamed