Leo Köpp – Everyday life of a competitive athlete (AT)

What does the everyday life of a competitive athlete actually look like? How often do they train, how much time do they have left for studying and how much for a private life? We accompany 20-year-old Leo Köpp from getting up at 5 am until the end of the day at 11 pm.

Our protagonists are waiting in the wings. Soon the film on this subject will be released here.

The following article provides further insight: Leo Köpp.

Editor: Tobias Haas, Charlotte Bauer, Jaqueline Kaldewey

Camera: Jaqueline Kaldewey, Philipp Portée, Ragnar Sieradzinski

Sound: Lukas Haas, Philipp Portée

Cut: Lukas Haas Photos: Tobias Haas