When HarryDobbert sits in front of you, it is not immediately clear what a busy life theformer police officer has had and what adventures he has behind him, born inBerlin and the short-term owner of two Berlin wall parts.

from Phillip Bedruna and Alexandra Knull

First successes and his start with the police

Harry Dobbert was born in 1942 in the east of Berlin. Starting in his early childhood, he was a footballer at the children’s and youth sports school. Showing enthusiasm for track and field, which has always been the most beautiful type of sport for him. Especially because, you can do it anywhere. The construction of the Berlin Wall finally led Dobbert to flee to West Germany. His life was significantly influenced and determined by his police career and his sport successes.

In 1961 he returned from Frankfurt am Main to West Berlin and applied immediately to the West Berlin police. During his time in the police, the new policeman worked in disciplines of athletics. His disciplines were the sprint and relay race. Here he was one of the best in his club “SC Siemensstadt”. His efforts should not go unnoticed. At least at an athletics competition during a police show Dobbert managed to gain three off-duty shifts.


But Harry Dobbert’s life was not just about highlights. The first incisive event was the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, where he was used with some others as a hidden security personnel. He got to know many German top athletes and everything seemed to be going smoothly.

But on September 5, 1972, an attack of the Palestinian terrorist organization”Black September” occurred in the Olympic Village.

That morning, eight armed terrorists, who later proved supportive by German neo-Nazis, attacked the Israeli team. Right at the start of the robbery, an Israeli hostage was killed and thrown out the window. A little later, another hostage died of her injuries. As Dobbert himself notes in retrospect, the officials were very ill prepared for such an extreme situation. They did not have the necessary equipment nor had they received the proper training, as they had only learned to shoot arms and legs. However, deadly shots would have been required. When a task force to liberate the hostages was put together with the indication that it was necessary to shoot live people, Dobbert volunteered.

The terrorists had arrived with the hostages in the meantime at the military airfield Fürstenfeldbruck near Munich. But the liberation action ended in a complete catastrophe. On the night of September 6, 1972, all nine hostages died: a police officer who was accidentally hit by a bullet in the head, five terrorists were found dead, three more overwhelmed. The search for the remaining terrorists has been stopped. Given this balance Dobbert is still very happy about this action, despite voluntary notification, not been used.

Foundationof the Berlin SEK

The consequences, which were drawn from “Munich 72”, should be felt to Berlin. For the public and the Federal Government was clear that such a disaster should never be repeated. With this decision, finally, the German anti-terrorist unit “GSG 9” and at the state level, the individual SEK was founded. Dobbert played a leading role in founding the Berlin SEK and thus one of the founding fathers. The obstacle course he designed is still used today by the Berlin instructors – another success in his life.

Coach at SC Siemensstadt

With the birth of his daughter and her enthusiasm for athletics, he was in 1973 coach at”SC Siemensstadt”. He looked after a group of 34 girls aged eight and over a period of 12-13 years. Thus, he accompanied the girls in their lives until even one of the protégés became engaged. The relationship of trust that developed here was great, and Dobbert appreciated that.

His daughter was able to train the new SEK instructor, at her own request, in the hurdles, until she finally could compete in the Berlin Championships. A success that Harry Dobbert proudly looks back on.

After a largely quiet years, in which he participated in championships, European championships and marathons, followed in the 1990s, the next drastic experience while driving in a Berlin subway.

Incident in a Berlin subway

Harry Dobbert saw a young couple being attacked. The young man was met, although Harry Dobbert recognized himself as a police officer and tried to overwhelm the attackers. In this attempt, he himself was a victim and sat down a whole ride between two underground stations with the aggressors physically violent. Dobbert himself was severely injured in this endeavor by one of the perpetrators kicked him in the head. Blood spilled over his face, so he had to let the attackers escape after all, as his wife fortunately prevented him from continuing to attack the attackers.

The attack resulted in a broken cheekbone and several surgeries on his head, using two metal plates and nearly losing an eye. Nevertheless, Dobbert was able tore cover completely and without physical consequential damage. Shortly there after, he even had two parts of the wall and so the world seemed right again for the time being.

Anotherblow of fate

In 2013,however, Dobbert had to cope with another setback. After an initially successful inter vertebral disk operation, he was diagnosed with an intestinal breakthrough that was discovered almost too late. The consequences would have been deadly. With a destroyed abdominal muscles and an artificial bowel, he was finally released from the hospital.

Fortunately,he was able to remove the artificial bowel after half a year, but he now had to take care of the further care and medication. He should cleanse the left over hole in the abdomen with medication and water. Of course, the affected regions were not spared from inflammation.

Due to these severe setbacks and his advanced age Dobbert is particularly proud to still be able to actively do sports and even bring a few certificates and medals home. Although these are only minor matters for him, they should nevertheless be responsible for feelings of success. For him, it’s about having fun and trying out new things. Only at the last European championship in the hammer throw in 2018, he succeeded in becoming third place.

One thing should be clear when looking at Harry Dobberts life: This man does not get anything small so fast. And as long as no other event makes the unsuitable attempt to tip the man out of his dachshunds, he hopes that his wife and him will have many more years together. If you look at Harry Dobbert’s survival rate, chances are fortunately excellent.