Training, university, hobbies: This is how hard everyday life is as an athlete

Leo Köpp is a young upcoming Athlete at LG Nord Berlin. You might chuckle first when you hear that your discipline is “walking.” But this sport is significantly more demanding than you might think at first. Because his “walking pace” is faster than that of many joggers.

His daily routine is thought through by the minute, everything meticulously organized. We accompanied the 20-year-old for a day from getting up in the morning until late in the evening and documented his tough everyday life:

05:30 am – His alarm clock rings. While most people usually lie comfortably in bed and sleep at this time. For Leo Köpp it is already time for breakfast. A bowl of cereal is said to provide enough energy for the upcoming workout.

05:45 am – In order for him to be able to digest breakfast in peace, Leo puts himself to sleep briefly before the upcoming morning workout.

07:00 am– Now it’s time. Sports supplies quickly gathered and off to training. Luckily Leo lives in the athletes ‘ dormitory, so he doesn’t have a long way to travel to the sports forum.

07:30 am – Early sport in the morning dispels grief and sorrow. It’s still cold outside, but so slowly it gets bright and our young athlete starts the day as usual with 15 kilometers of walking but that’s normal for him.

08:30 am – Like most other students, Leo then gets ready for university. In addition to competitive sports, he is studying law at the Humboldt University in Berlin.

09:00 am – The journey to university is also sporty, he travels by bike. Any time of the year, no matter what the weather is like.

09:30 am – his first lecture has started.

14:00 – Finally a short breather. This is his perfect opportunity, for grabbing lunch in the canteen. But that, to, must not last too long.

14:30 – Enough relaxation. We move on to the sports forum.

15:30 – In order to achieve the best performance at training, Leo prepares for it by walking around barefoot.

16:00 pm – time for pace training with his training group and trainers.

18:00 pm – Quick as soon as he is finished, straight on to the dance lesson.

19:00 pm– Dancing provides a good balance for Leo as he could also train on the dance floor.

20:45  – And the day is far from over: It goes on to the MeetUp of the Study Foundation of the German People.

21:30  – At Freya Fuchs Bar, Leo meets with some other colleagues. They drink. Laugh, talk and discuss.

23:00 pm – Now it’s time to head home. The day was long and tomorrow it starts again early.

You barely notice how tired Leo is. Whether at 5 am or just before midnight, the 20-year-old always has his smile on, he is fully focused and by no means stress. And that today was not even all he has to accommodate in his time. Leo, for example,  has a musical streak as well, he plays the trumpet. It’s a life that thrives on boundaries: Physically, psychologically, but above all organizationally, despite everything, it’s just right for Leo.

Charlotte Bauer