Prof. Dr. Michael Beuthner


Since 2015, Michael Beuthner has been responsible for the study program Journalism and PR at the DEKRA University of Applied Sciences. He teaches the modules “Journalistic Representation and Reporting Patterns”, “Quality and Professional Standards in Journalism” and “Media Journalism”.

My impressions of the final project of the “Journalists 2016”: In the super sports year 2018 (European Athletics Championships in Berlin, ISTAF, encouragement of the Special Olympics for 2023 etc) there could be no hipper and cooler topic.

Sport is enormously important for the City of Berlin and always meets the enthusiasm of the population with big events. Berlin celebrates sports, whether it is running disciplines such as the marathon, the ISTAF event in the Olympic Stadium or the traditional football, handball, ice hockey or basketball clubs.

Everyone involved in the project has found a job suitable for their skills and specialisations and they are all fully committed. The first impressions of the website and the updates that appear on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook underline that and show that we can expect a lot of the final live broadcast.

The co-operation with ALEX Berlin is absolutely fitting and with a live broadcast the whole project is honoured, even if that means more stress for everybody involved. There is a great deal of responsibility that has been well handled amongst the students. Even when illnesses get in the way, everyone has tried to get back on board as soon as possible to support the team. The whole project is great and a special thanks goes to the co-ordination and motivation of my dear colleagues John A. Kantara and Leslie Leon. It is also great that unforeseen hurdles are always overcome, whether they are a difficulty in working with a partner or a technical problem, it doesn’t matter, the team always found a solution.

In addition, the cooperation over all three specialisations is fantastic! I am sure that we will continue this practice in the future, because the project doesn’t only get more man/woman power but added value, more possibilities, more access, more visibility, more usability and more potential for exposure.

First thoughts on the “Journalists 2016”: At the beginning in October/November 2016: Oh, a lot of good and very nice potential!

A year later: Oh a lot of good and very nice potential!

Another year later, at the end of the final project: Oh, many good and very nice media creators.

What I miss most about the “Journalists 2016”: See my comments on the final projects, and there have been countless more good moments. Above all it was seeing close friendships being formed (sometimes even more than that) and to observe the development that most of us are going through very positively.

There was always a solution for every problem and there was a real culture of open communication which never ran out of control, that is what I call constructiveness, you have worked together where necessary and possible. Otherwise: Each and every student!

What I least miss of the “Journalists 2016”: The moments of doubt, however at some points this has been completely normal.

What I would like to tell the “journalist” as they leave: First, good luck for your upcoming internships and your bachelor theses, and then after that even more luck and success for your jobs. However, when you all graduate it does not mean “Goodbye”, but alumni that “stay connected” regardless of how you stay connected.

I will also stand by your side and provide help and advice whenever you need it. I hope that your career path works out the way that you want it to, stay confident and trust yourself, ask first and not wait for others. Try to work in order to live and not the other way around.

Stefanie Asendorf

Chef Editor

Age 22

Specialization I decided to specialize in online journalism and I would like to focus on creative writing in my later life.

3 qualities that best describe me: Strong-willed, ambitious, organized

Tasks on the final project: Editor-in-Chief of Onliner and responsible during the live broadcast as a make-up artist.

During the final project, I’ve learned to coordinate many things at the same time and it’s better to just do some tasks on my own instead of transferring them to someone.

The thing I’ll miss most from my time at uni: My favorite fellow students and the helpful lecturers are the things I will miss me most.

Things I  will miss the least are writing of scientific papers and chaotic group work.

I will never forget the after-show party of our photography show.

In 10 years I hope to have published my own book and to have enough financial means to travel the world next to my  profession. Besides, I hope to be healthy and happy.

Advice I have for new students It really pays to be at the university on time, even if it’s warm and soft in bed.. The more frequently one is present, the easier it is for the exams and homework. But most importantly, enjoy your student life to the fullest – it goes by way too fast.

Stefanie Michallek

Chef Editor

Age: 20

I have decided to specialize in online journalism and am particularly interested in researching exciting topics and conducting interviews.

3 qualities that best describe me: I’m always in a good mood, purposeful and way too nice for this world.

Job on the final project Editor-in-Chief of Onliner and guest services during the live broadcast.

During the final project I learned to be the rock that holds everything together, when everything goes down the drain.

The things I’ll miss most about my time at uni The helpful lecturers, my favorite fellow students and the delicious rolls at the bakery around the corner will be the things I miss most.

I will never miss the long journey and the tuition fees..

I will never forget this moment: When we had grilled steaks during the lunch break on an electric grill in the university room “Port 1”.

In years I see myself: I  can not say yet where I’d like to be. There are so many things that interest me and conditions that I would like to change. But in 10 years, I hope I have found my place and can make the world a bit better.

My advice to all new students: Take advantage of the small university campus and communicate with people that are studying different subjects! During the final project, you will realize that you have been spared countless problems with the  combined skill, they could offer you..

Tobias Schneider

Administration CMS

Age: 31

Specialization and professional focus: online journalism, politics

3 qualifies that best describe me: reliable, consistent, technology-oriented

Task I’ve done for the final project: Construction of the website (Admin CMS) and editing the live broadcast

What I learned in the final project: Do not rely on others.

The thing I’ll miss most from my time at university: my fellow students

The thing I’ll not miss about my time at university: the tuition fees

I will never forget this moment: the live recording of our radio broadcast

where I see myself in 10 years: Honestly? I have no Idea.

My advice to all new students: Use all the possibilities that are offered to you. Dare.

Phillip Bedruna


Age: 22

Specialization: Online Journalism

3 qualities that best describe me: eloquent, humorous, creative

My job in the final project: Editorial, CMS, texts, technical aids

What I’ve learned on the final project: Trust is bad, control is much better

The thing I’ll miss the most about my time at university: Eastside Burger in warschauer street

I’ll never miss The high fees and poorly coordinated group works

I’ll never forget this moment: the photography aftershow party

– Where do I see myself in 10 years: stupid question, the world is changing

My advice to all new students: Always come to university, even if you have to work. Just come so often it’s good for you to be at the university

Reine-Blanche Kouamou

Translator CMS

Age 23

Specialization Online Journalism, Writing is my passion.

3 qualities that best describe me Responsible, hardworking and very strict

Job on the final project: CMS translator

In this project I have learned to improve my translation ability and I also learned to believe in myself.

Translating a website into two languages ​​(English and French) is something I have never done in the past. As a Cms translator in the project, it required my maximum focus and attention on all updates on our website. So I learned to be more focused, spontaneous, cooperative and communicative.

Things I’ll miss about university: Prof. John definitely and the coffee in the library

I’ll never miss The semester fee

I’ll never miss The semester fee again

In 10 years I see myself as: A successful author (my first book is already published), manager with over 1000 employees (Business Lady), A married woman with 3 children and especially a servant JESUS ​​CHRIST.

Advice to new students: Believe in God, believe in yourself and believe in your professors