Welcome to the final project 2018 of the students at the DEKRA University of Media in Berlin. We want to show that there is much more to athletics than many people realize. We want to tell the stories of the sportsmen-both on the pitch and beyond.

What is it all about

We, the student of the Dekra University for Media in Berlin, are studying journalism and are currently in our 5th semester. Throughout this semester we will be doing our final group project.

Our course has 21 students. These students are separated into Media acting, online journalism and video journalism majors.

The 5 students studying online journalism are responsible for this website. Meanwhile, students majoring in media acting, as well as video journalism, are working hand in hand to produce the live show.

The athletes’ story 

Our goal is to put into perspective what the life of a track and field athlete looks like. One side of being an athlete includes being busy with training and the other side with being a student. They have to balance training more than 4 times a week whilst having to go to class on daily basis. We would like to find out what motivates the volunteers, how can a person get into track and field despite them being disabled and what the road to an elite athleticism school looks like.

The production phase is taking place in November and December. During this time we will plan, organize film, edit and do so much more in order to bring our show to life. Many video segments will be created, many of which you will be able to see on this website within the next couple of weeks.

At the end of the project, there will be a 60-minute live broadcast and presentation shortly before Christmas. There we will show our movies, classify them and discuss topics with athletes and experts in the studio.

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The editorship